Monday, February 10, 2014

Wishing Away Time

I know it's poor form to wish away my days. To ignore the gift of the present moment for the idea of the weekend to come or the special event on the horizon. I've wished away a lot of time in my life. Although I don't regret it, I've tried to learn the lesson of being present.

But I'll tell you, waking up day after day to -8 and -14 degree temperatures with piles of snow and biting wind makes it really hard to not wish for the warm weather and wonders of spring! 

In an attempt to make the best of a record-braking, rotten winter, here's a list of good things about cold weather:

  • I'm fortunate to work from home and not have to go out in the weather.
  • When the sun shines it's super bright because it reflects off all the snow.
  • The delightful scent of wood smoke lofting through the winter air.
  • My kitty loves to cuddle for the extra warmth.
  • My sweet husband pre-heats the bed each night with the electric blanket.
  • I have an excuse to drink coffee all day long...for the warmth.
  • I have a warm, cozy home with more creature comforts that I can list.
  • Bundling up to go outside makes me feel like I've really accomplished something!

I know there are more but these come to mind as I anticipate the spring thaw while doing my best to show gratitude for every precious moment.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

All You Need is LOVE!

Heart Magnet Gift Set
"All you need is is all you need."

The Beatles, of course. I never realized how many of The Beatles songs were love songs until I went on a love song search for our wedding last year. Say what you like about the long haired British invaders turned longer haired hippies...they were all about love!

I'm fortunate. I've been blessed in this life with a lot of love, starting with my parents, followed by my friends and ultimately with my husband. I'm sure there's a lot more love to come my way and even more to give.

The beauty of love is that it multiples. It's like the light of a candle...when you lend your flame to someone else to light their candle, the brightness of your flame isn't diminished. In fact, it makes the whole world brighter as the flames multiply one after another!

And so it is with love.

I know Valentine's Day is a commercial holiday created to sell stuff...llike those adorable magnets pictured up there! {wink wink} But what everyone took the day to put as much love into the world as their hearts can muster. What if every day were Valentine's Day and more and more people approached their lives from a place of love rather than fear and competition.

I decided in this week leading up to Valentine's Day I'm going to make a concerted effort to perform gestures of love and kindness. Large or small, I honestly think these gestures can make someone's day, lift their spirits and encourage more love and understanding in our world.

Who's with me? What has someone done for you? What have you done for someone else? Give me your best ideas in the comments below!!!