Monday, April 30, 2012

Swadhisthana - The Sacral Chakra

Swadhisthana is the Sacral Chakra or the 2nd Chakra located below the navel. It is associated with primal feelings, enthusiasm, openness to others and personal creativity. In one word, the Sacral Chakra is about fertility…physical, emotional and mental fertility, which is essential for creation. The verb attached to Swadhisthana would be ‘feel’, as in “I Feel.”

Orange is the color vibration related to the Sacral Chakra with Carnelian, Coral, Orange Calcite, Moonstone, Red Aventurine, Blood Citrine and Orange Jasper gemstones all acting upon the balance of the chakra. Although technically not a gemstone, Amber also acts upon Swadhisthana. The Sacral Chakra is tied to the Water element and the herbs Coriander and Fennel.

Swadhisthana is connected to our sense of smell and responds to Damiana, Benzoin, Cardemon, Clary Sage, Fennel and Sandalwood, notes a bit higher than those associated with Muladhara but still very earthy scents with depth. The Mantra connected to the Sacral Chakra is VAM and is sometimes chanted at the D tone above middle C during meditation. It is also vocalized as a hard “o” as pronounced in “home.”

Physically, the Sacral Chakra is connected to the reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder and spleen.

Tomorrow will focus on how to tell if your Swadhisthana is out of balance.

Friday, April 27, 2012

What is a Mandala?

In Sanskrit, Mandala translates to “circle”.  Noted Buddhist and Hindu religious art takes the mandala form. Mandala’s are generally symmetrical designs that incorporate meaningful and sacred geometric patterns as symbols. It is interesting to note that religious artwork for both Eastern and Western religions incorporate these circular patterns. In the Christian cathedrals many of the focal stained glass windows take on a mandala-like geometry.
In common dialogue, mandala has become a general descriptor for any geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically. Mandala’s represent a microcosm of the Universe from a human perspective.

I created a series of chakra mandalas incorporating the geometry and colors associated with each of the 7 major chakras. I like them as key fobs as well as pendant necklaces. And I made a magnet set to decorate the fridge, your locker or file cabinets!

Antique Copper Chakra Pendants & Key Fobs
Set of 7 Chakra Magnets

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Muladhara - The Balancing Act

Now that you know you want to activate and balance Muladhara, the Root Chakra, what can you do?

Meditating on Muladhara, located at the base of the spine, while visualizing a disc of spinning ruby red light is a good starting point. Focus on a smooth rotation of the disc and feel your connection to the physical Earth plane. Using the color red in your surroundings is also helpful. Burning red candles, hanging a predominantly red piece of artwork, wearing red clothing are all simple ways to activate the Root Chakra. Wearing a favorite piece of jewelry made of Carnelian, Onyx or Black Obsidian can give you a focal piece to meditate on briefly throughout your day.

You can also burn candles or incense scented with myrrh, patchouli, rosewood or balsam. Savory foods seasoned with thyme, clove and pepper can also help to activate Muladhara. A relaxing bath scented with vanilla and patchouli can be the perfect opportunity to meditate on Muladhara and feel the grounding effects of the aromatherapy.

Once again, YouTube is a great resource for frequency attunement audio to use for vibrational therapy. Sonic Harmonic provides some of my favorite attunement tracks. The video is great but the sound alone provides the frequency needed to attune your chakra. It's not music but rather tones that are tuned to the vibrational frequency of the chakra. Try this one out for Muladhara:

When I listen to these attunement audio segments I can actually feel the resonance of the vibration in my's very cool!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Muladhara - Four Aspects of Balance

There are four aspects related to Muladhara that sum up the essence of the Root Chakra as the Earth element when energy flow is optimized.

Flexibility - You are established in the state of perfect adaptability to outside forces. This is the state of Space and Air.
Transformation - You are established in the state of awareness where all problems are transmitted into creative opportunities. This is the state of Fire.
Coherence - You are established in the state of unified purpose where everything is brought together. This is the state of Water.
Stability - You are established in the state of centered awareness in the midst of uncertainty. This is the state of Earth.

When Muladhara is in balance and the energy flow is optimized, each of these states will resonate with you. You will feel flexiblity to handle what comes your way and aware that there are no problems, only opportunies. You will feel coherence between yourself and everything around you and stability to stand in the face of anything you may face.

Now that we know where we want to be what can you do to get there? Tomorrow’s post will focus on what you can do to activate and balance your Muladhara to increase your vitality and determination.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Muladhara - What's Flowing?

Muladhara, the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine is our foundation. It represents the Earth element and is therefore related to our survival instincts and to our sense of grounding and connection to our bodies and the physical plane. Ideally opened and balanced, this chakra brings us health, prosperity, security and dynamic presence. In this state, the masculine and feminine energies work together to make you strong and vital, firmly connected to the Earth plane.

Because Muladhara is connected with survival and security, anything that jeopardizes our feeling of safety can impact the balance of the Root Chakra. Life events such as losing a home or job, financial duress or the loss of a parent or spouse can cause an imbalance and stagnant Muladhara. This stagnation results in feelings of paranoia, lack of security and becoming overly defensive and manipulative of others. When Muladhara is overactive, the feminine aspects disappear and you can become overbearing, overexcited, angry and have difficulty with the ego and excessive risk-taking.

Physically, it governs digestion and the spinal column so you may feel lower back pain and dis-ease with elimination. Other symptoms may include carrying excess body weight, difficulty with letting go of personal possessions and an unhealthy focus on money and material goods. Because Muladhara is the foundation of the energy system, having it active and balanced is key to a healthy energy flow.

Tomorrow I’ll touch on what optimized Muladhara energy flow feels like. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Muladhara - The Root Chakra

Muladhara is the Root Chakra or the 1st Chakra located at the base of the spine forms our foundation. It is associated with survival, material security, stability, courage, vitality, grounding and the power to achieve goals. In one word, the Root Chakra is about evolution…not monkey’s to man evolution but our physical evolution as a being that relates to our physical identity. The verb attached to Muladhara would be ‘have’, as in “I Have.”

Red and black are the color vibrations related to the Root Chakra with Agate, Bloodstone, Hematite, Red Coral, Garnet, Carnelian, Ruby, Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline gemstones all acting upon the balance of the chakra.

Muladhara is connected to our sense of smell and responds to Balsam de Peru, Myrrh, Patchouli, Rosewood, Thyme and Vetiver, all very low, musky, base note scents. Considering this it is no surprise that the Root Chakra is tied to the Earth element and the herbs Cedar, Cloves and Pepper.

The sound frequency for Muladhara is Middle C with the vowel ‘U’ and sounds of “huh”, the lowest and slowest frequency of all the chakras. The Mantra connected to the Root Chakra is LAM and is sometimes chanted at the Middle C tone during meditation.

Physically, the Root Chakra is connected to the Adrenal glands that controls body solids, such as the spinal column, bones, teeth and nails. It is also connected with the building process of cells and with the colon and rectal areas.

Tomorrow will focus on how to tell if your Muladhara is out of balance.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Than One Way

In Wednesday's Post I talked about meditation and its chakra balancing benefits. In that same post I mentioned other methods for balancing chakra energy including crystals and gemstones, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and acoustic and vibrational therapy. All of these techniques use vibration frequencies to activate or calm the chakra rotation to dispel the energy disruption and balance the flow. All of these techniques can be used as part of the meditation experience or in your everyday life to consistently act upon your chakra energy.

Crystals and gemstones are solids formed by the solidification of chemicals with regular, repeating internal arrangements of atoms and molecules. Crystals and gemstones, like everything in the Universe, emit a vibration with a specific frequency. The frequencies of these formations can be aligned with the desired frequency for a specific chakra. When a chakra is experiencing a disturbance in vibration the use of crystals and gemstones can influence and realign the chakra’s movement.
Red Aventurine for the
Sacral Chakra
Sodolite & Moonstone for
Crown & Brow Chakras
In Tuesday's Post I mentioned the body-mind connection, the understanding that what we feel and think has a direct impact on our physical well-being. So, even if crystals and gemstones don’t heal you physically, if they have an impact on your mental and emotional well-being that will directly affect your physical health. Even the skeptics agree that crystals and gemstones can be effective for emotional and psychological uses…after all, if we believe it in our heart and mind it becomes our reality.

Likewise, color, sound and aroma have long been recognized as affecting our moods. Scientific data supports the hypothesis that the information our eyes, ears and nose take in have an associative impact on our brain activity. Certain colors, sounds and smells cause certain chemical responses on physical and psychological levels. This elicits an emotional response based upon past experiences and associations with pleasure and pain.

It stands to reason that surrounding yourself with pleasing colors, sounds and aromas will make you feel more at peace and comfortable. You can take this a step further. If we understand which chakras are experiencing energy flow disruptions we can tailor our surroundings to help balance those chakras. 

How do we do this? We recognize the correlation between the frequencies emitted by different colors, sounds and smells with the ideal vibrations of our chakras. Then we immerse ourselves in those colors, sounds and fragrances. It may be as simple as choosing the right piece of jewelry or as drastic as repainting a room. You may decide to discover some new music for your commute. Maybe you change your fabric softener or use an essential oil diffuser in your office.

My favorite on-the-go method for balancing my chakras is with gemstone jewelry. Jewelry can worn to balance a specific chakra or to act upon several simultaneously to invite specific results into your life. It's a fashionable way to support your energy flow no matter where you are or what your doing!

Lam Root Chakra Necklace
Aditi necklace for
Prosperity & Abundance
So many choices...which will you try?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What is Namaste?

Q. You sign all of your posts with "~Namaste". What does that mean?

A. Namaste is used as an acknowledgement of the Divine spark and life force found in each person and the interconnection this creates among all things in the Universe. The word, pronounced nah-mahs-TAY, is accompanied by a slight bow and a gesture with the palms facing in front of the body and the thumbs pointing back to the Heart Chakra at the center of the chest.

© Malewitch | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos
It is used as a salutation when meeting as well as a valediction upon parting. The word and gesture together mean "The spirit in me respects the spirit in you, the divine in me bows to the divine in you."

That's a whole lot packed into one little word and gesture!


Guided Chakra Meditations

In response to the feedback and questions I've received about Guided Chakra Meditations I wanted to dedicate a quick post to some resources.

I mentioned Colette Baron-Reid’s ‘Journey Through The Chakras’ guided meditation in my earlier post. You can sample her guided meditation at her website on the little player just below the item listing. It truly is one of my favorites.

I also wanted to share some other resources with you for guided chakra meditations. YouTube is a great resource for sound therapy and guided meditations. Search for Guided Chakra Meditation and you'll find so many options, it's amazing! You can try them out then pick and choose which you prefer. What did we do before the internet?

TotalMindMassage shares a number of meditations on their website. I assembled their three part Guided Chakra Meditation into a playlist I want to share with you. Thanks to TotalMindMassage for freely sharing their fantastic meditations!

I hope this meditation can inspire you to explore more and find the method of meditation that resonates with you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Balancing Act

Now you know which chakra needs some work. It’s time for the fun part…at least I think it’s the fun part! There are so many different ways to balance your chakras, it’s amazing! You can use crystals and gemstones, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, acoustic and vibrational therapy and tactile remediation. All of these therapies involve at least one of the five senses as a means to regulate the spinning of the chakra and the relative frequency. We will discuss these in more depth in another post. For now, I want to touch on the most effective means to balance your chakras, meditation.

Meditation is more than sitting on the floor with your legs crossed while making funny sounds with your eyes closed. Meditation focused on a specific chakra to direct the energy and spinning motion is the best way to not only balance Prana but also maintain healthy movement in the system. Meditation will clear psychological clutter and put you in touch with your subconscious and intuition and can be coupled with other modalities of chakra balancing for deeper impact.

For those of you who pray, meditation is different than prayer. Where prayer is focused on connecting to a higher power, the purpose of meditation is to reach your subconscious and truly see and know ourselves. This allows us to identify and address issues that lay there unnoticed in daily life yet cause disruption in our energy. Throughout every day, our ego fills our mind. Anxiety and frustration build up and worry begins to creep into our thoughts. Meditation is a way to release those obstacles and bathe your mind and spirit in calm joy. So, you see, you can pray AND meditate…one does not exclude or require the other!

Meditating with the specific intention of balancing your chakras can be easier, especially when first starting out, if you use guided meditations. Guided meditations incorporate sound with a narrator to help you progress through your meditation. One of my favorite guided chakra meditations is Colette Baron-Reid’s ‘JourneyThrough The Chakras’. It spends about five minutes on each chakra, focusing your intention on adjusting the whirling motions to balance energy flow. I know what you're thinking...and I am not getting a kickback! It's just a really great meditation I want to share with everyone.

I’ll share more about meditation in a future post. For now, just know it’s an amazing tool to quiet your mind, release your ego and center yourself in healing light. ~Namaste

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It All Ties Together

Ahankara invites Confidence & Self-Esteem
Now that we know what Chakras are and a bit about how they function, let’s talk about how to know if they are out of balance. We know our Chakras motion is detected by the frequencies at which they spin. Clearly, if the frequencies are off, the Chakras aren’t spinning correctly, which indicates they are out of balance and the Prana flow is disrupted. But what does that look like and feel like?

Although these energy disruptions are commonly referred to as a ‘block’, there are a number of issues that may cause the difficulties. It may be that the chakra is spinning too slowly, too quickly or in the wrong direction entirely. Determining which chakra is blocked is the first step. To do this it important to understand what parts of the physiology is tied to each chakra. This will be discussed in future entries as we explore each chakra in detail.

For the purpose of this discussion we simply need to understand that each chakra is tied to specific parts of our physical body and certain organs as well as to psychological and emotional aspects of our being. If a chakra is out of alignment and the energy flow is disrupted, symptoms will manifest in the physical body, emotional and mental states. By taking a candid inventory of our body and mind we can begin to identify where energy blocks may be occurring.

In her book, The 7 Healing Chakras, Dr. Brenda Davies includes a comprehensive diagnostic questionnaire to help determine which chakras might be disrupted. Her book is one of my favorite go-to guides for chakra healing and I highly recommend it to anyone embarking upon a journey of discovery and learning about energy medicine.

Now it’s time to be honest with yourself…brutally honest, especially about the emotional stuff going on in your heart and the intellectual stuff going on in your head. Mind, body and spirit are all tied together. What you are feeling emotionally can manifest in your physical being. Have you ever heard the phrase “worried sick”…it’s true. Your emotions manifest directly into your physical being and your thoughts influence your emotions. See, all tied together!

In the coming weeks we’ll focus on each chakra in detail for more insight into identifying where energy disturbances may be. Once you figure out which chakra is out of balance, it’s time to take steps to activate, calm and balance as the need may be.

Next, we’ll look at all of the different ways to balance our chakras. ~Namaste

Monday, April 16, 2012

Round and Round

Chakra Magnets from AnandaBijoux

Sorry if that '80's hair band song is stuck in your head the rest of the day. It is a catchy tune and I bet it got your attention!

This week I want to explore Chakras and how to know if they are in balance and Prana is flowing. We know from the ‘Chakras Explained’ page that each of the seven main Chakras correlates to different parts of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states and that Prana is the vital, life-giving energy. These wheel-like rotating vortices of subtle matter are considered focal points for the reception and transmission of energies located in the human energy field and into the physical body itself. In elementary terms, each Chakra can be seen in the subtle body as a disc of light spinning clockwise. Energy flows through each Chakra and if a particular energy center is not balanced, the energy flow is disrupted and the wheel’s rotation is also disrupted.

This disruption will manifest physically as illness, mentally as confusion, emotionally as anxiety and spiritually as disconnection. In all aspects the disruption of Prana (vital energy flow) leads to a lack of ease, or dis-ease. Dis-ease is not merely impairment of normal physiological function but rather the absence or disruption of tranquil rest, comfort and quiet state of mind.

Each Chakra rotates at a different speed resulting in different frequencies of vibration. Because everything in our Universe emits vibrations, these frequencies relate to every aspect of our physical sensory system. Our eyes see the different colors associated with the different vibrations. We smell different scents and hear different sounds. When the energy flow is disrupted the vibrations emitted are off. It stands to reason that changing the vibrations with color, scents and sounds can alter the flow of energy.

My next post will focus on how to identify which chakra may be out of balance. ~Namaste

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My First Blog Award!

So, I've been blogging for less than a week and received my first award! My fellow SPS Team leader and Etsian, Coral from ToppyToppy, gave me the prestigious Liebster Award.

Don't let the name of Coral's blog, ToppyToppyKnits fool you...she writes about a lot more than knitting! Her special Easter post was really fabulous!

A little about The Liebster Award

Liebster is German for "beloved, favorite or dearest". The Liebster is awarded by bloggers to newer bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. The idea is to spread the word about their blogs and help them gain a wider audience. When a recipient blogger accepts the award, they are required to complete four steps:

  1. Choose 5 up-and-coming blogs with fewer than 200 followers they consider a Liebster.
  2. Show your thanks to the blogger who awarded you The Liebster by linking back to them.
  3. Post the award on your blog and on any other placed you promote your're someone's favorite! Shout it out!
  4. In your blog post, list the 5 blogs you awarding The Liebster. Include links to their blogs and leave comments on their blogs to let them know about the award.

On to my selections...It was a tough choice. There are so many great blogs out there! I finally narrowed it down. Here are the 5 blogs I've selected to receive The Liebster (in no particular order!):

  • The Fox In The Attic - Michelle is an all around artisan and share so much on her blog, it's fabulous! 
  • One Red Button - Sparrow posts frequently and always shares really helpful information. Love it!
  • mihulli - I love Michaela's perspective! She's a fantastic artist from Czech Republic, now living in Italy!
  • Lilee's Gram Knits - Teresa shares a little bit of everything and always something to inspire!
  • Steampunk Funk - Angie is seriously fun! She shares everything on her blog and her pictures make you feel like you're there!

So, there you have it! Five fabulous blogs worth checking out. I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's this all about?

You’re wondering, “Chakra Bliss…what can I expect from this blog?”…

I plan to share anything that comes to mind, really. But mostly insights about energy flow. What I’ve come to realize is energy flow is connected to everything. Everything in the universe is made of energy. The different energetic vibrations manifest the Universe we see around us…or maybe the Universe manifests the vibrations…we’ll figure that out together!

What all this means is I’ll write about the things around me that fill my soul and keep my chakras attuned and spinning at their highest vibration. I’ll share the jewelry I make, the garden I plant, the food I make and the sustainable lifestyle I’m attempting to lead. I hope its fun, entertaining and maybe a little educational from time to time.