Thursday, November 22, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #101

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from hairbrainedschemes
Wow...Day #101! I remember embarking upon this Gratitude Journey and thinking "101 will I do 101 days?", which was precisely the point! I really needed this 101 Days to help me recognize all of life's blessings that surround me on an average day...Or maybe the point was to realize that not a single day is AVERAGE!

Today I'm Grateful for Gratitude! I'm grateful that each day I have the opportunity to find the good, the beautiful, the inspiring that fill the world! I'm grateful that each day I can choose joy and say 'thank you'.

So this officially ends my 101 Days of Gratitude Journey. I'm pleased to continue to share daily gratitude on the Facebook group. If you want to join, everyone is welcome! Gratitude Beyond 101 Days on Facebook