Friday, October 5, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #53

Original Sign from trimblecrafts
Today I am most grateful for Girl's Weekends and life-long friendships! For the last nine years, three of us convene twice each year to catch up and have some fun. It's more than just a fun weekend. These are the moments that make my soul smile and my heart sing! These are two women I've known since middle school and college, for 30 and 23 years respectively...and yes, I did have to use a calculator!

Though our weekend escapades have changed over time, become a little less raucous, a few things never change. I will laugh more this weekend than I have since, well, the last time I saw these women. I will feel younger than usual. I will be rejuvenated and happily at peace. All of this from time with great friends!

These are special friendships that will last the rest of our lives. And friendships like this don't come along very often. They are to be celebrated and cherished! So, today I am grateful and I celebrate and cherish Becky and Kathryn! {Muwahhhh!}