Monday, October 1, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #49

Hand Stamped Remembrance Necklace
from LillyEllen
Today I'm grateful that I've never personally suffered a tragic loss in my life. I have lost friends, really more of acquaintances but never a close, personal friend. I realized I've never processed the stages of grief. I've been so incredibly blessed!

Yesterday, I was reading through some of the gratitude posts on the Facebook event I created for 101 Days of Gratitude and I was once again reminded of just how blessed I am. As I was posting some nonsense about how happy I was to have a freezer, another person was posting that they were grateful for hospice bringing pain relief to a loved one. That's when it really struck me... I've not had to directly go through that kind of loss.

My grandparents have all passed but they either had serious health conditions or were in their 90's so they weren't huge surprises. Beyond that, I've never lost anyone really, really close to me. I have friends who lost their parents, some at a very young age. Others have lost siblings, a loss I will never have to endure. I have friends who have lost their soul mates and, perhaps the most tragic, those who have lost children.

As I think of these people, the struggle of losing someone so close to them and the emotional process of grieving those losses, I feel immensely blessed and grateful that I have lived to my age and still have those closest to me.