Thursday, September 27, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #45

Vintage Eye Chart
from EphemeraAndMore
Today I'm grateful for contact lenses. Actually, I'm grateful for the optometrist who originally prescribed them and my parents who agreed.

I started wearing glasses at age 7 and my vision deteriorated very quickly. By age 11 I was going through 3 prescriptions a year...yet another debt of gratitude I owe to my parents for paying for all those changes! My optometrist was so concerned that I may lose my vision to an extent that it wasn't correctable that he suggested hard contact lenses to hold the proper shape of my eyeball and preserve my vision.

And it worked! My prescription stabilized and was salvaged. I still have horrible vision and completely freak out if my glasses are moved from their designated location through the night but it is correctable and I can see. I've since moved on to soft, disposable lenses. I'm just so grateful that the optometrist and my parents did what needed to be done to save my sight.