Sunday, September 30, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #48

Today I'm grateful for Craigslist and all the awesome finds! Yesterday we picked up a freezer that's good as new and the perfect size! Now we have plenty of freezer space to stock up. Thank you Craigslist!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #47

Vintage Retro Style Button
Today I'm grateful for the weekend!!! Although I'll be doing some work and catching up, it's nice to not have the phone ringing and emails to deal with! And to have some play time in there too! I suppose one might argue that I should actually be grateful to the labor unions of old that fought to create the weekend off! So, to those who went before us and fought for the rights of the workers, thank you for my weekend!

Friday, September 28, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #46

Sushi Earrings from adcdmc
Today I'm grateful for a sushi lunch with a good friend. I really love sushi! It took me a few tries before I figured out what I really liked. But I knew it was something I just had to's too pretty not to like!

Although we don't get together as often as we might like, each time we do it's as if we spoke yesterday! There's nothing like that kind of friendship and good conversation over pretty food!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #45

Vintage Eye Chart
from EphemeraAndMore
Today I'm grateful for contact lenses. Actually, I'm grateful for the optometrist who originally prescribed them and my parents who agreed.

I started wearing glasses at age 7 and my vision deteriorated very quickly. By age 11 I was going through 3 prescriptions a year...yet another debt of gratitude I owe to my parents for paying for all those changes! My optometrist was so concerned that I may lose my vision to an extent that it wasn't correctable that he suggested hard contact lenses to hold the proper shape of my eyeball and preserve my vision.

And it worked! My prescription stabilized and was salvaged. I still have horrible vision and completely freak out if my glasses are moved from their designated location through the night but it is correctable and I can see. I've since moved on to soft, disposable lenses. I'm just so grateful that the optometrist and my parents did what needed to be done to save my sight.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #44

Wood Sign from Woodticks
Today I'm grateful for unexpected, uncontrollable belly laughs that make tears run down my cheeks! Each time it happens I think of how good it feels to experience such pure joy. How can I not be grateful for that?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #43

Today I'm grateful that my work lets me get outside on a gorgeous day to do construction inspections. It's the best thing in the world to visualize the finished design in my mind, translate it into two dimensions on paper and then see that vision become a reality. Best...Thing...Ever!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #42

Today I'm grateful for a productive weekend, a good nights sleep and the start of a new week. I think Monday gets a bad rap as being the 'weekend ruiner'. When in fact, it's the bringer of fresh opportunities and a new start. I'm grateful I'm ready to take on the week!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #41

Today I'm grateful for, an online community of where members can share their dreams and aspirations, and receive support from others. It's very inspiring to share the intentions everyone is sharing. It brings to mind so many actions and beliefs that can improve my life and the world around me. It's a fantastic idea and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to participate!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #40

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Today is the first day of Autumn and I'm so, so grateful for living in an environment with four seasons. I really love the opportunity to experience all four seasons. Each season has it's blessing and curse. Winter brings gorgeous snowflakes and icicles along with terrible traffic during evening rush hour snow storms. Spring brings lovely flowers and rebirth accompanied by flooding and allergies. Summer has the delicious fresh produce and sunshine in addition to unbearable temperatures and road construction.

Autumn has delightful colors, pumpkin carving, trick or treat and fantastic harvest celebrations. It's the one season that really has no down side...unless you count the fact that it's followed by winter and the daily hours of daylight continue to decline. But I don't think you can blame Autumn for that!

Friday, September 21, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #39

Today I'm grateful for the International Day of Peace. I really appreciate this year's focus on the benefits of sustainable development toward a sustainable peace. 

Wars are fought over natural resources...oil, water, diamonds, gold...the list goes on. Managing these resources is a critical component in building a sustainable peace, especially in post-conflict communities and countries.

I'm grateful that people in leadership positions acknowledge the importance of sustainable development and design and the role it can play in a lasting peace!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #38

Today I'm grateful for conference calls. What a time and money saver! I don't have to waste time driving to and from meetings. It saves wear and tear on my car and it saves, it's so much better for the environment - bonus!Add in the web conference services and there's the ability to show presentations and's excellent!
Vintage Fisher Price Chatter Phone
from tedsfptoys

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #37

Today I'm grateful for acceptance. 
I appreciate those who accept others just as they are, without stipulations or judgement. Thank you to those who understand and embrace the ideology that not everyone has to agree with them for their own point to be valid. And to those who embrace the differences between themselves and others.
Ceramic plaque

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #36

 "Never criticize a farmer with your mouth full"
                   ~My Dad's Bumper Sticker  
Today I'm grateful for farmers! Not the big agribusiness production companies but the small, family farmers who are true stewards of the land. I had the pleasure of driving the back roads yesterday and saw the fields being harvested. Having grown up on a farm I have a keen appreciation for this time of year and I love to see the combines rolling through the fields harvesting crops.

Farming is a demanding lifestyle. You are at the mercy of the weather and the markets. Vacations and days off are rare. The old saying "may hay while the sun shines" says it all with the implication that you work when the weather cooperates regardless of daylight or the hour of day. I don't think most people understand just how difficult it is. Imagine working at your job, not knowing how much you'll be paid or even if you'll get paid or worse yet, if you'll end up owning money at the end of the day for doing the job. That's what farming is. It's a gamble. So for those who keep the traditions and lifestyle of the family farm alive, Thank You!

Monday, September 17, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #35

Today I'm grateful that Netflix finally works on the laptop and I can watch shows and movies while I'm on the treadmill! I'm so spoiled...I love watching something while I'm exercising. I guess it takes my mind off what I'm actually doing. And I really hate it when technology doesn't work the way it's intended. I face it every day working with AutoCAD and other graphics programs. I can spend the same amount of time to troubleshoot the issue as I do actually creating! It's just so nice when things work as they should. So, I'm off to the treadmill for a little walk!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #34

Today I'm grateful for the internet. As I'm preparing a guest presentation for the Horticulture 101 class tomorrow at Kishwaukee Community College it struck me at how much easier this is because of the internet. So much information is at our fingertips. It's so easy to find what we're looking for with a few keywords and a search engine. It's great to stay connected to family and friends and it makes doing my job so much easier. There are times when nostalgia kicks in for a 'simpler' time...but it doesn't last long because I have to update my Facebook status!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #33

Today I'm very grateful to all the wonderful people who have supported my adventure turning my jewelry making hobby into AnandaBijoux, my side business! It has officially been one year since I listed my first items on Etsy and today I'm celebrating my 100th online sale! It's an exciting milestone and I'm looking very forward to what the holiday shopping season has in store! Thank you to everyone who has liked my Facebook page, followed my blog, followed my twitter, pinned my items and saved them to wanelo! Here's to a fabulous second year!!!
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #32

from NicolesNicNacs
Today I'm grateful for an abundance of work! Being self-employed can be nerve-racking. Balancing business development, cash flow and client relations in addition to getting the actual work done can be a real challenge. I tend to get very nervous when I don't have a comfortable backlog of work. The old adage 'feast or famine' comes to mind and lately it has felt a little more feast than famine. I've invited more work with immediacy and ease...and it has manifested in a huge way! I welcome the work and the opportunities it presents and humbly say Thank You, More Please!

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #31

Personalized Lucky Penny Key Chain
from SilveradoJewelry

Today I'm grateful that I didn't get a parking ticket yesterday when my meeting ran much longer than I budgeted and then my train was delayed. I returned to my car 3 hours after my time expired! And I was spared a ticket! I'm also grateful the meeting went really well and the project is really exciting! Thank You, More Please!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #30

Today I am grateful for the gorgeous weather we have been having the last few days! I absolutely love Autumn! It's my favorite season, followed by Spring. I think Autumn gets a bad rap because it's followed by Winter. But that's not Autumn's fault! We can't hold Autumn accountable for what happens after!

I love the warm, sunny days with a cool, light breeze. I love that time of year when the A/C can be replaced by open wide open windows and the ceiling fan. And sleeping with a cool breeze scented with the toasty smells of fall...don't even get me started!! I love the colors too. Those gorgeous yellow, red and amber tones are so inspiring!
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Intuition for Inner Healing

Recently I was contemplating intuition and how to accept the signs and direction it offers to enhance various aspects of life...specifically emotional healing. I'm amazed by how many times I believe I've processed emotions and healed emotional injury only to find out later I buried those feelings. And when they resurface, I swear they're more vivid and powerful than ever.

I know I'm not the only one to experience this kind of struggle with emotional healing. I've been fortunate to have some amazing emotional healing with Chakra Repatterning. But once my Chakras are aligned and in optimal motion, it's sometimes a challenge to keep them that way. That's why I love gemstone jewelry!

I can choose the right gemstones and charge them with their best intention then carry that supportive energy with me all day long...and look fabulous doing it!

I was inspired to find a gemstone combination that would activate and strengthen intuition {Brow Chakra} while supporting the processing of emotions to facilitate deep inner healing {Root and Heart Chakra}. 
Amethyst and Rose Quartz seemed to be the perfect choices. Amethyst is known as the stone of Peace and Dreams and supports intuition, serenity and calm. Rose Quartz engages the Heart Chakra to enhance love and compassion. It soothes, comforts and reassures, bringing about deep inner healing. This combination acts upon the Root, Heart, Brow and Crown Chakras. The perfect combination

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #29

Photo by Thomas Franklin
for the The Bergen Record newspaper
With it being the anniversary of 9/11 I can't help but be grateful for all the first responders, fire fighters and EMTs that put their lives and safety aside to help others in times of crisis. Where I grew up the fire departments are primarily volunteer. People volunteer their time for training and duty to protect and serve their neighbors and families. They hold chicken barbecues, fish fries and pancake breakfasts to raise money for equipment. These are people truly dedicated to helping others. 

On this day of remembrance of all those lost, I humbly thank those who run in the chaos as others run out.

Monday, September 10, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #28

Today I'm grateful that my son has always been healthy. Aside from allergies when he was very young and ear infections, he has been very healthy and without accidents and broken bones. I see friends with children who struggle with health issues and my heart goes out to them. I can't imagine how hard it would be to see your child suffer and be powerless to fix it. Today I'm counting my blessings that I've never had to watch my child go through that kind of pain.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #27

Sweat Every Day Necklace
from 321GoStuff
Today I'm grateful for my like-new treadmill! Since my blood clot issues I've been a total slug feel like a stuffed toad. It's time to get back into activity and get into better shape. The saying goes 'do the best with what you have' or something like that. Next year I will turn {gulp} 43 and enjoy my 25th high school reunion...both great incentives to be in the best shape possible! But even more than that looking my best, I want to feel my best. That's what I'm looking forward to more than anything.

So, Thank YOU to Rachel and Bryan Ferry for passing along their treadmill! It is already being well used and loved!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #26

Vintage Scrabble Tiles
from buppins
Today I'm grateful for spellcheck. I'm a horrible speller...I always have been. And I've come to terms with my horrible sense of spelling and make no apologies. Luckily, being in a creative field I haven't really had to rely upon my spelling skills. And although I do plenty of writing in my field, most of the jargon I use on a daily basis isn't in the spellcheck dictionary anyway. So I can't do a crossword puzzle or play words with friends. And nobody would ever want me on their team for a Scrabble tournament. As long as those squiggly red underlines show up as I'm typing, all is right with the world!

Friday, September 7, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #25

Vinyl Decal
from uniquevinyldesigns4u
Today I'm grateful for my sense of humor. It took me a long time to learn to laugh at myself and not take life so seriously. I'm amazed at how much easier it is to face life's challenges with a smile on my face and giggle in my soul.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #24

Frozen Drop in Time Original Photograph
from Squintphotography
I'm really grateful for the rain we've had the last few days. It has been an absolutely brutal summer with the heat and drought. Even established plants have suffered and perished. It was wonderful to have a slow soaking rain, even if with the wind, thunder and lightening...I'll take the rain! My kitty isn't so grateful...she hates the thunder! She hides inside the platform for our bed and cries until it the storms pass. She's such a nut!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #23

Home Sweet Home Sign
from DeliveredByDanielle
It was wonderful to get away for a few days and catch up with friends. The best ending to a perfect weekend is returning HOME! Today I'm thankful to have spent the night in our bed in our home! It's a small house and we're pretty packed in but it's a wonderful place to call home. There are multiple business run out of our little house, lots of memories made and endless laughter. It's the best and certainly is my Home Sweet Home!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day#22

Today I'm grateful for long weekends with amazing friends who share their special moments with me. This weekend I had the fun of helping my friend surprise her daughter with a Tween bedroom makeover. It was a very emotional event for both of them as they packed away some special memories of childhood days gone by and opened a new chapter in life. I'm so blessed that they shared the fun and tears. What sweet moments to share!

Monday, September 3, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #21

Happy Labor Day! Today I'm grateful to those people who don't get to take Labor Day off. The people who make it possible for me to get a coffee, fill my gas tank so I can travel and enjoy my day off or work in a restaurant so I don't have to cook on my day off. Thanks to these people, who are generally the lowest paid in the job market, I'm able to take my day off and enjoy it completely. So, Thank YOU to anyone who makes it possible for my Labor Day to be work free and enjoyed with friends!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #20

Today I'm grateful for my iPhone! It's my...
         my phone                    my camera                         my map                    my games
         my phone                     my books                        my editor                    my brain!

It's my brain...Once any piece of information goes in...a phone number or leaves my brain completely. One might argue that it leaves my brain available to contemplate more complex and relevant what to write for my next blog post. Without my iPhone I would be lost.

In a lot of ways I'm a very organized person...stop laughing! I like having everything in it's place so I can easily reach out and have it in hand. You may not know it by looking at my desk but those piles are organized! I remember making the transition from my paper calendar and address book to my Palm Pilot...remember those? I had to force myself to leave my Day Runner at my desk and figure that electronic gadget out. It wasn't long before I traded my Palm and (horrible) Nokia cell phone for a Treo. It was all over from there!

Critics can say what they like about technology destroying our society blah, blah, blah...I like it. I like having all this information in my hand. I like being able to look up the answer to that trivia question and end the suffering of the answer just out of reach. It's great to look at the real time weather radar and know if the dark clouds are for real or just an idle threat. Sure, life may have been more simple before technology made information so accessible. But then there were no Angry Birds or Pocket Planes!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

101 Days of Gratitude - Day #19

Best Friend Scrabble Tile
from SugarLaneShoppe
I couldn't possibly be more grateful for unexpected friends! When I first met Rachel back in college she made me crazy! We were at polar opposite ends of the spectrum. She was too happy and I was very angry and dark. In fact, I scared her...a lot!

Fast forward 16 years and I found myself standing at her front door for a New Years Eve party. I had reconnected with my college crush, who just happened to be one of her dearest friends. I'll never forget the look on her face or the knot in my stomach when she opened that door. Neither of us knew quite what to expect. It was magical!

It's been almost three years since that door opened and I can barely express how grateful I am that it did! In that long weekend a connection was made that will surely last a lifetime. I'm completely blessed and forever grateful to call her friend!