Monday, July 30, 2012

Your Sacred Space

Having a place dedicated to your meditation practice can actually benefit your ability to release thought and slip into the gap. When you have a dedicated space, a sacred space you no longer need to be concerned with your environment. You are comfortable in your surroundings and know you are safe. You need not dedicate any thought or energy toward your physical plane of existence during your meditation.

I find claiming an area as your sacred space very helpful. I have a big comfy chair in my bedroom that I sit in to meditate. I use the chair for other things as well but it’s always the place I use to meditate. Because I know my surroundings as I sit in that chair I have fewer primal concerns over my safety and I’m able to really let go and be vulnerable during meditation.

The idea of meditating outdoors is lovely. It’s a beautiful concept, communing with nature and slipping into the gap. But I find in practice I’m always a little twitchy about what’s happening around me. I can never completely immerse myself in my meditation because I’m not at ease with my surroundings.

I like to keep a journal and pen handy…you never know when you just have to write something down at the close of your meditation! Having some candles, incense or essential oils can also add to the depth of meditation. I also have my crystals nearby so they are at hand when I’m meditating on a specific chakra.