Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I Learned...

I've returned from the Health Freedom Expo and I have a whole bag of goodies to go through. The Chakra and Vibrational Healing seminar and the Pranic Healing seminars were excellent! Some of the others were nothing more than infomercials for the presenter's goods and services...a bit irritating considering attendees paid to be there. But I did take away some very useful lessons...Here's what I learned:

  • When someone uses fear to alarm you into purchasing their product/service, it's probably not worth the trouble.
  • Giving your audience useful information is the best way to make them want to work with or buy from you.
  • Paying $8.50 for a fruit cup and bottle of water is insane...pack snacks!
  • "The issues are in your tissues."
  • Likening a person's name to a hurricane is not a good marketing technique to connect with your prospect...I think everyone named Katrina would agree!
  • You never know when opportunity will present open to receive.
  • I need to stand up straight.
  • The fastest way to find out of supplement vendors know their product is to ask how they interact with blood thinners.
  • Most supplement vendors don't know their products.
  • Always take a light sweater or wrap to a trade show...they can't control the temperature in those places!
  • It takes all kinds to make the world go round!

Those are a few of the lessons I learned today on my little quest. I picked up some great information, met some interesting people and had a few good laughs. Now to go through my bag of goodies!