Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sahasrara - Four Aspects of Balance

There are four aspects related to Sahasrara that sum up the essence of the Crown Chakra as the Thought element when energy flow is balanced.

Infinity - You are established in a state of non-limitation.
Immorality - You are established in the state of awareness where there is the spontaneous knowing of the eternal existence of the soul.
Holiness - You are established in a state where the sacred in all things is known and recognized.
Enlightenment - You are established in the state of spontaneous awareness of Spirit in all fields of experience and existence.

When Sahasrara is in balance and the energy flow is optimized, each of these states will resonate with you. You will feel connected to all existence. You will feel unlimited possibility and a knowing of your life’s path and Dharma. You will be connected to Spirit and a sense of integration with the Divine and all other souls. You will see in others the holiness and infinite possibility that you see in yourself. This is the origin of Namaste, I see in you the light I see in myself.

Now that you know you want to balance energy flow at Sahasrara, what can you do? Tomorrow’s post will focus on what you can do to balance your Crown Chakra to feel connected to the Divine and your Dharma.