Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Some refer to a gut feeling or sixth sense while others reference a still, small voice. No matter what you call it or how it comes to you, it's all about Intuition! There are four main ways our intuition manifests; Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Claircognizance.

The only nonverbal form of intuition, Clairsentience, involves feelings, emotions and physical sensations related to a past, present or future event. Clairsentients are very attune to the emotional energy of the Universe. Many report feeling uncomfortable when entering a room in which an argument recently took place. Some are able to sense the emotions of others and experience their emotional pain.

Perhaps the most widely recognized and disputed is Clairvoyance, a sense of clear seeing. A clairvoyant sees visions, either abstract or specific. Abstract visions are generally vague and may require interpretation, such as a color or a letter. Specific visions are very definite about people and places or exact circumstances. Clairvoyants may see visions with their eyes open or closed and in dream or waking states.

Those who hear words or phrases through inexplicable auditory means are Clairaudient. This is considered the least common form of intuition and can easily be confused with the auditory hallucinations experienced by many with neurological and mental disorders. Clairaudient messages are pertinent to the person hearing them and make sense to their situation. When someone refers to that 'still, small voice' in their head they may be experiencing Clairaudience.

The final form of intuition is Claircognizance, a sense of clear knowing. It's a sudden sense of possessing knowledge that you previously did not have. Have you ever 'just known' something without having an explanation of where you acquired the information? These Claircognizant experienced generally come at times when the person is seeking a solution to a problem or work task or desires to help someone else.

How does your intuition manifest to you? Is it a feeling, a sight or sound? Do you find that you just suddenly know something is right or wrong? Or is it a combination? The challenge is recognizing when our intuition is guiding us and trusting it, even when it doesn't necessarily make sense.

I'm claircognzant. I tend to 'just know' when something is energetically right or wrong. I'll get into that more tomorrow in Part 3.