Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ajna - The Balancing Act

Now that you know you want to activate and balance Ajna, the Brow Chakra, what can you do?

Meditating on Ajna, located in the center of your forehead, while visualizing a spinning disc of vibrant indigo light is a good starting point. Focus on a smooth rotation of the disc and feel your mind’s eye clear. Flowers are extremely helpful in activating Ajna. Surround yourself with fresh bouquet of lavender, jasmine, hyacinth and rosemary, ideally harvested from your garden. Even the act of searching a farmer’s market or flower vendor to choose the stems for your bouquet then arranging them will nurture Ajna and activate your Brow Chakra.

Because Ajna is connected to sight, seeing the frequency of Indigo will activate the Brow Chakra. Wearing a favorite piece of jewelry, especially a necklace or earrings, made of Amethyst, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli or Sodolite will help reinforce your balancing efforts throughout your day and give you a focal element for a brief meditation when needed. Consuming ginseng and mint tea and dishes seasoned with anise, rosemary and lemon can help to balance Ajna. Aromatherapy with incense or essential oils including sandalwood, lavender and jasmine can also help to deepen your efforts to balance energy in the Brow Chakra.
And here's an Etsy treasury featuring a few Brow Chakra balancing favorites ranging from personal care and aromatherapy items to home decor.

'For Ajna - The Brow Chakra' by AnandaBijoux

Blown Glass Bowl - Purple Glass - Purple Lavender Blue - Aqua Purple -  Art Glass Bowl - KennethMarineGlass
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Once again, YouTube is a great resource for frequency attunement audio to use for vibrational therapy. Sonic Harmonic provides this fantastic attunement track with a visual component that I highly recommend. I generally close my eyes for an attunement session but because Ajna is the element Light and connected to sight I find the visual accompanying the audio track especially powerful. These tones are tuned to the vibrational frequency of the Brow Chakra and will help balance it’s motion:

Close your eyes and absorb the sound or if you like, view the video component of this track. Enlarging the image to fill the screen will help to focus your attention and avoid distractions from around the room. Feel the resonance of the vibration in your body and imagine your vibrant indigo Ajna in the center of your forehead, whirling quickly and freely clockwise. You are on your way to connecting to your intuition and insight while manifesting your hearts desires with peace of mind.