Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vishuddha - What's Flowing?

Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra, located at the voice box in the throat is the source of self-expression and communication. It represents the Sound element and brings us confidence and the ability to speak our personal truth. From Vishuddha we experience the world symbolically through vibration. As the center for communication is governs not only our voice for speaking but also our ears for hearing…after all, communication is a two way dialogue.

Ideally, this chakra brings us creative self-expression, confidence and independence. A healthy Vishuddha fosters inspiration, wisdom and freedom. It is our center for truth and integrity. Opening the Throat Chakra allows you to speak not just the truth, but your authentic, personal truth. This is where you express your true feelings from a vibration of love and kindness.

A block at the Solar Plexus Chakra can sometimes be misinterpreted for a Throat Chakra imbalance. It is critical to know your authentic truth before you can be expected to speak it into the physical world. Once you are comfortable with your self-identity and know your personal truth it is from Vishuddha that you introduce these vibrations into the world through speech and express life-affirming aspects of ourselves.

Although Vishuddha is considered the “throat” chakra, it is important to remember that Listening a most critical aspect of communication. Listening is more than hearing vibrations and taking them in. It is the act of actively sorting the words and comprehending the intention of those words.

Physically, imbalance in Vishuddha will manifest as ear, nose, throat and respiratory problems. Frequent upper respiratory infections, swollen glands and ear infects as well as thyroid issues can indicate a need to balance energy flow at Vishuddha.

Tomorrow I’ll touch on what optimized Vishuddha energy flow feels like.