Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vishuddha - Four Aspects of Balance

There are four aspects related to Vishuddha that sum up the essence of the Throad Chakra as the Sound element when energy flow is balanced.

Creativity - You are established in the state of infinite imagination of the Universal consciousness through synchronicity.
Affluence - You are established in the state of abundance with effortless flow of good.
Abundance - You are established in spontaneous fulfillment of desires and plentitude of all material wants.
Discernment - You are established in the state of spontaneous right choice making.

When Vishuddha is in balance and the energy flow is optimized, each of these states will resonate with you. You will feel limitless possibility and vibrational connection to others. You will experience abundance in every aspect of your life and come to know satisfaction and enjoyment of attaining what you desire. Choices will come easily. You will easily speak your exact intentions and communicate your wants and needs.

Now that you know Vishuddha needs attention, what can you do to balance energy flow? Tomorrow’s post will focus on what you can do to balance your Throat Chakra to improve your communication and self-expression.