Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vishuddha - The Balancing Act

Now that you know you want to activate and balance Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra, what can you do?

Meditating on Vishuddha, located at your voice box in your neck, while visualizing a spinning disc of clear blue light is a good starting point. Focus on a smooth rotation of the disc and feel your throat become open and free.

Breathing exercises can be especially helpful. Sit upright in a comfortable position either in a chair or on the floor. Keep your back straight and eyes closed. Breathe as slowly and deeply as possible, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow a natural rhythm to establish and breathe as deeply as is comfortable for you. As you breathe in, feel the air push deep into the base of your lungs, making your abdomen rise and expanding your rib cage. Exhale slowly remembering to keep the rhythm that you have established. Spend ten minutes to start and extend your sessions as is comfortable.

Wearing a favorite piece of jewelry, especially a necklace, made of Aquamarine, Turquoise, Blue Quartz, Apatite, Lapis Lazuli or Sodolite will help reinforce your balancing efforts throughout your day and give you  a focal element for a brief meditation when needed. Consuming chamomile or peppermint tea and dishes seasoned with basil can help to balance Vishuddha. Aromatherapy with incense or essential oils including cypress, eucalyptus, frankincense and sage can also help to deepen your efforts to balance energy in the Throat Chakra.

And here's an Etsy treasury featuring a few Throat Chakra balancing favorites ranging from personal care and aromatherapy items to home decor. 

'For Vishuddha - The Throat Chakra' by AnandaBijoux

Chakra Balancing Mist- Vishudha, Throat Chakra - ChocoKT711
Large Blue Kyanite Crystal, Rough Natural Gemstone from Brazil, Weighs 8.9oz. (276.8 grams), Metaphysical, New Age, Reiki Healing - DumbBunnyDesigns
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SALE 20% OFF Porcelain Teapot Cobalt Blue Crystalline Glaze Ceramic Contemporary Modern Teapot - budalapottery
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1 oz Frankincense Resin - dreamweavershop
Crochet Scarf / Blue Shawl / Turkish Pashmina / Blue Scarf - AnatolianAccessories
Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend - MoonMantra
AQUAMARINE ESSENCE / Clarity, Confidence & Archangel Michael's Energy - AscendedEarth
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1 Blue Wine Bottle Oil Lamp - INDOOR - Wall Decor - Hanging Lantern - Cobalt Blue Lighting - Wine bottle Lamp - GreatBottlesofFire
Fabric Coasters with Cloves in Blue Fern - DoxologyDesigns
2 oz Organic Throat Chakra Tea (Loose) - MamaDsTeas
Modern glass vase - Hand painted rectangular glass vase in blue with white designs - CreationsdeFlorence
DOUBLE TERMINATED Aqua Aura Earrings Post Stud Crystal Point Gold Coated Quartz - PrairieFairyDesigns

Seriously, what would I do without YoutTube and Sonic Harmonic? They always have amazing frequency attunement audio to use for vibrational therapy. The video is great but the sound alone provides the frequency needed to attune your chakra. It's not music but rather tones that are tuned to the vibrational frequency of the chakra. Try this one out for Vishuddha:

Close your eyes and absorb the sound. Feel the resonance of the vibration in your body and imagine your clear blue Vishuddha at your throat, whirling freely and effortlessly clockwise. You are on your way to freely speaking your truth and intentions  with love and integrity.