Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lilacs and Mom

Flocked Vintage Postcard
courtesy OldBarnDoor on Etsy
It's beautiful today, sunny and 70 couldn't ask for a more lovely Mother's Day! I love a fresh breeze through the house so naturally we have all of the windows open. As I passed by the kitchen window I smelled a waft of lilac on the breeze. It amazes me how an aroma can transport me so instantly back in time to my childhood. Growing up we had two big common lilac shrubs in the front yard. I always loved the smell of the flowers and remember butchering those shrubs as I cut flowers to take to my mom...thank goodness lilacs are very forgiving of a little girl with scissors!  I would drag branches of flowers into the house, ants and all and give them to my mom. She never complained about the bugs and would lovingly put my bouquet into a vase.

So on this Mother's Day as I smell those sweet lilacs I think of how patiently my mom tried to teach me to sew and embroider...I, on the other hand, never had the patience for either! She taught me to cook and about perennials and herbs. As a child I was never a nature lover but in my adult life my mom's love of nature she shared with me shines through.

She remains a shining light in my life and I love her beyond words. Thank you, Mom...for your patience, compassion and love.

Mom on her wedding day!