Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anahata - Four Aspects of Balance

There are four aspects related to Anahata that sum up the essence of the Heart Chakra as the Air element when energy flow is balanced.

Peace - You are established in the state of non-violence where you resonate a sense of peace to those around you.
Harmony - You are established in the state of synchronicity with connections to the Universe is like a cosmic symphony.
Laughter - You are established in an acceptance of paradox where your connection to the Universe is felt.
Love - You are established in the state of Unity consciousness where it is impossible to hurt or be hurt.

When Anahata is in balance and the energy flow is optimized, each of these states will resonate with you. You will feel calm and at peace with yourself in the world. You will feel connected to others and all beings in the physical plane. You will experience the humor of the Universe in the absurd connections all around you. And you will feel compassion for others and yourself.

Now that we know where we want to be, what can we do to get there? Tomorrow’s post will focus on what you can do to activate and balance your Manipura to improve your connection to your personal power and sense of purpose.