Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anahata - The Balancing Act

Now that you know you want to activate and balance Anahata, the Heart Chakra, what can you do?

Meditating on Anahata, located in the center of the chest, while visualizing a spinning disc of vibrant emerald-green light is a good starting point. Focus on a smooth rotation of the disc and feel loving warmth growing in your heart. Taking time in nature to soak in the green trees and plants is especially beneficial for the Heart Chakra. Noticing the breeze against your skin and feeling the grass beneath your bare toes will not only balance Anahata but connect you to your Earth source.

Wearing a favorite piece of jewelry made of Green Aventurine, Peridot, Emerald, Green Jade, Rose Quartz or Watermelon Tourmaline will give you a focal piece to mediate on briefly throughout your day to balance energy flow on the go. Green salads seasoned with a savory marjoram and thyme dressing as well as a rose hip and lemon balm tea can also help balance Anahata. Scenting your environment with a floral potpourri including geranium, jasmine, lavender and rose or a citrus blend with mandarin, tangerine and melissa can also balance the Heart Chakra.

I love jewelry for chakra balancing because I can really take it with me. Here are two of my favorite Heart Chakra balancing pieces!

And here's an Etsy treasury that featured a few Heart Chakra balancing favorites that range from personal care items to home decor!

'For Anahata - The Heart Chakra' by AnandaBijoux

St. Patrick's Vapor, Fine Art Print, 8x12 - TheVaporTrail
Emerald Green Fused Decorative Glass Sea Coral Bowl - UneekGlassFusions
Incense Burner, Porcelain Pinch Pot With Glass - LittleHippieMama
Ease of Mind Series - MITSURIN (JUNGLE) Natural Incense Sticks - (ylang-ylang, patchouli) - naturcraft
Bliss Bar - LauriesOriginals
Herbal Tea Honeybush, Lemon Balm and Orange Peel SWIZZLE SIP caffeine-free, loose leaf:  85g / 3 oz. approx. 35 - 50 servings - bombylbee
Citrus Lavender Aromatherapy Pure Palette Signature Natural Scented  4.2 Oz Reed Diffuser Set in Emerald Green Recycle Glass Jar - PurePalette
Wine Bottle Melted Flat, Incense Burner Recycled Glass - ShopOfMiscellaneous
Ladies Large Heart Chakra Tee - Bamboo & Organic Cotton Blend - Screen printed - TheLotusRoot
Trust in True Nature Love Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil, 4 oz. - TrustinTrueNature
Hand Blown Art Glass Bowl - Freeform - Emerald Green, Apple Green, White, and Black - ParadiseArtGlass
Heart Chakra Meditation Candle 3x6in green, wicca, metaphysical, magic, pagan, Reiki by Brigid's Flame Candles - BrigidsFlameCandles
Pink Himalayan Sea Salts - Fairies Kiss - Sensual Ylang Ylang and Lavender - belleskincare
Emerald Nugget, Earth Rocks............................. For the Heart Chakra - AndyandSky
Aventurine Aromatherapy Candle - ItAndABit
Spring green glass wind chime - gallerybyharvestgold

Once again, YouTube is a great resource for frequency attunement audio to use for vibrational therapy. Sonic Harmonic provides some of my favorite attunement tracks. The video is great but the sound alone provides the frequency needed to attune your chakra. It's not music but rather tones that are tuned to the vibrational frequency of the chakra. Try this one out for Anahata:

Close your eyes and absorb the sound. Feel the resonance of the vibration in your body and imagine your vibrant green Anahata in the center of your chest, whirling freely and effortlessly clockwise. You are on your way to embracing your balanced sense of love and compassion.

Next week it's on to the Throat Chakra. I do have a surprise or two this weekend so keep an eye out! Have a relaxing and amazing weekend!