Monday, May 28, 2012

With humble gratitude

As I reflect upon the wonderful weekend spent with friends and my rights recognized and guaranteed by the US Constitution I am forever grateful to the men and women who have given life and limb to insure my freedom. It is with humble gratitude I thank them for their bravery and their families for the sacrifices they have made in the absence of their loved ones.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

All Kinds of Healing!

Anne Brawley Emerson is an amazing and gifted healer, artist, teacher and author. She heals with holographic repatterning that clears the beliefs and behaviors that create limitations in life. During my session yesterday, Anne discovered  a misalignment and disruption in energy flow with my Sacral, Heart and Throat Chakras all stemming back to emotional repression patterned into my DNA for generations...what a mess! I left my session with Anne feeling calm and at peace. It also stirred some physical ailments that started, interestingly enough, with a scratchy throat earlier this Throat Chakra had enough!

I've never suffered from allergies unless you count the time when I was 5 years old and ate every strawberry in the patch resulting in terrible hives! In the very early spring when the maple trees bloom I get a little sneezy and congested but this spring I've noticed a lot more symptoms...sneezing accompanied by watery eyes and upper respiratory issues. A few days ago my throat felt scratchy like I just couldn't swallow hard enough, which has developed into a lot of sinus congestion.

This morning Andy suggested I try my Neti Pot...why didn't I think of that? I have all of these resources around me and just don't think to use them...perhaps I need to be more aware of what my body is telling me...something to ponder. Anyway, I thought of other tools I have around and don't think to use and ended up pulling Louise Hay's book Heal Your Body from the shelf. For anyone unaware of this book it offers new though patterns to replace negative emotions. I looked in the alphabetical list of ailments and body systems to see what she has to say about allergies and upper respiratory issues...all I can say is...WOW! My issues according to Louise's book: "Emotional congestion. Denying your own power." Hmm...Interesting!

Taking all I've learned over the last 24 hours I'm breaking out the Neti Pot and focusing on key affirmations from Heal Your Body. I'll let you know how it goes! If you're wonder, the affirmations are: I am one with ALL OF LIFE. I am at peace with life. The world is safe and friendly. I am safe.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Neti Pot it's a divine instrument! Some people consider it gross, some find it strange but even Western medical research confirms it works! A Neti Pot has been used for centuries in yogic practice for nasal irrigation to clear allergens and irritants from your sinus passages. The best tips I can give for a successful Neti Pot experience is to use non-iodized salt...I use sea salt, and remember to keep your mouth open while you do it. This 1) allows you to breath and 2) stops the water from pushing on your eustachian tube and causing pressure in your ear. Here's a video that shows how easy it is...kudos to Courtney for being such a good sport and sharing her first time with a Neti Pot!

And I know you're wondering...Yes, I still LOVE strawberries!

p.s. Check out Anne's amazing Passionate Journey card and guidebook set. She combines amazing collage images and poetry designed to connect you to your soul, your intuition and your inner wisdom. It's fabulous!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vishuddha - The Balancing Act

Now that you know you want to activate and balance Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra, what can you do?

Meditating on Vishuddha, located at your voice box in your neck, while visualizing a spinning disc of clear blue light is a good starting point. Focus on a smooth rotation of the disc and feel your throat become open and free.

Breathing exercises can be especially helpful. Sit upright in a comfortable position either in a chair or on the floor. Keep your back straight and eyes closed. Breathe as slowly and deeply as possible, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow a natural rhythm to establish and breathe as deeply as is comfortable for you. As you breathe in, feel the air push deep into the base of your lungs, making your abdomen rise and expanding your rib cage. Exhale slowly remembering to keep the rhythm that you have established. Spend ten minutes to start and extend your sessions as is comfortable.

Wearing a favorite piece of jewelry, especially a necklace, made of Aquamarine, Turquoise, Blue Quartz, Apatite, Lapis Lazuli or Sodolite will help reinforce your balancing efforts throughout your day and give you  a focal element for a brief meditation when needed. Consuming chamomile or peppermint tea and dishes seasoned with basil can help to balance Vishuddha. Aromatherapy with incense or essential oils including cypress, eucalyptus, frankincense and sage can also help to deepen your efforts to balance energy in the Throat Chakra.

And here's an Etsy treasury featuring a few Throat Chakra balancing favorites ranging from personal care and aromatherapy items to home decor. 

'For Vishuddha - The Throat Chakra' by AnandaBijoux

Chakra Balancing Mist- Vishudha, Throat Chakra - ChocoKT711
Large Blue Kyanite Crystal, Rough Natural Gemstone from Brazil, Weighs 8.9oz. (276.8 grams), Metaphysical, New Age, Reiki Healing - DumbBunnyDesigns
Throat Chakra Meditation Candle 1.5x7in blue, Reiki, wicca, metaphysical, pagan, magic by Brigid's Flame Candles - BrigidsFlameCandles
SALE 20% OFF Porcelain Teapot Cobalt Blue Crystalline Glaze Ceramic Contemporary Modern Teapot - budalapottery
Organic Soap - Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Essential Oil / Face and Body Cleanser - stolatorganics
Periwinkle Blue Stained Glass Box 2x3 w/ Pewter-cast Gold Rose Flower Handmade - GaleazGlass
1 oz Frankincense Resin - dreamweavershop
Crochet Scarf / Blue Shawl / Turkish Pashmina / Blue Scarf - AnatolianAccessories
Throat Chakra Essential Oil Blend - MoonMantra
AQUAMARINE ESSENCE / Clarity, Confidence & Archangel Michael's Energy - AscendedEarth
Denim Blue Lapis Lazuli & Hematite, Throat Chakra Bookmark - Free Shipping USA - ShadesofAwareness
1 Blue Wine Bottle Oil Lamp - INDOOR - Wall Decor - Hanging Lantern - Cobalt Blue Lighting - Wine bottle Lamp - GreatBottlesofFire
Fabric Coasters with Cloves in Blue Fern - DoxologyDesigns
2 oz Organic Throat Chakra Tea (Loose) - MamaDsTeas
Modern glass vase - Hand painted rectangular glass vase in blue with white designs - CreationsdeFlorence
DOUBLE TERMINATED Aqua Aura Earrings Post Stud Crystal Point Gold Coated Quartz - PrairieFairyDesigns

Seriously, what would I do without YoutTube and Sonic Harmonic? They always have amazing frequency attunement audio to use for vibrational therapy. The video is great but the sound alone provides the frequency needed to attune your chakra. It's not music but rather tones that are tuned to the vibrational frequency of the chakra. Try this one out for Vishuddha:

Close your eyes and absorb the sound. Feel the resonance of the vibration in your body and imagine your clear blue Vishuddha at your throat, whirling freely and effortlessly clockwise. You are on your way to freely speaking your truth and intentions  with love and integrity.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vishuddha - Four Aspects of Balance

There are four aspects related to Vishuddha that sum up the essence of the Throad Chakra as the Sound element when energy flow is balanced.

Creativity - You are established in the state of infinite imagination of the Universal consciousness through synchronicity.
Affluence - You are established in the state of abundance with effortless flow of good.
Abundance - You are established in spontaneous fulfillment of desires and plentitude of all material wants.
Discernment - You are established in the state of spontaneous right choice making.

When Vishuddha is in balance and the energy flow is optimized, each of these states will resonate with you. You will feel limitless possibility and vibrational connection to others. You will experience abundance in every aspect of your life and come to know satisfaction and enjoyment of attaining what you desire. Choices will come easily. You will easily speak your exact intentions and communicate your wants and needs.

Now that you know Vishuddha needs attention, what can you do to balance energy flow? Tomorrow’s post will focus on what you can do to balance your Throat Chakra to improve your communication and self-expression.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vishuddha - What's Flowing?

Vishuddha, the Throat Chakra, located at the voice box in the throat is the source of self-expression and communication. It represents the Sound element and brings us confidence and the ability to speak our personal truth. From Vishuddha we experience the world symbolically through vibration. As the center for communication is governs not only our voice for speaking but also our ears for hearing…after all, communication is a two way dialogue.

Ideally, this chakra brings us creative self-expression, confidence and independence. A healthy Vishuddha fosters inspiration, wisdom and freedom. It is our center for truth and integrity. Opening the Throat Chakra allows you to speak not just the truth, but your authentic, personal truth. This is where you express your true feelings from a vibration of love and kindness.

A block at the Solar Plexus Chakra can sometimes be misinterpreted for a Throat Chakra imbalance. It is critical to know your authentic truth before you can be expected to speak it into the physical world. Once you are comfortable with your self-identity and know your personal truth it is from Vishuddha that you introduce these vibrations into the world through speech and express life-affirming aspects of ourselves.

Although Vishuddha is considered the “throat” chakra, it is important to remember that Listening a most critical aspect of communication. Listening is more than hearing vibrations and taking them in. It is the act of actively sorting the words and comprehending the intention of those words.

Physically, imbalance in Vishuddha will manifest as ear, nose, throat and respiratory problems. Frequent upper respiratory infections, swollen glands and ear infects as well as thyroid issues can indicate a need to balance energy flow at Vishuddha.

Tomorrow I’ll touch on what optimized Vishuddha energy flow feels like.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Vishuddha - The Throat Chakra

Vishuddha is the Throat Chakra or the 5th Chakra located at the voice box in the throat. It is associated with communication, both speaking and listening. It also influences creative self-expression, inspiration, wisdom, confidence, integrity, truth, freedom and independence. In one word, the Throat Chakra is about communication. The verb attached to Vishuddha is ‘speak’, as in “I Speak.”

Blue is the color vibration related to the Throat Chakra with Aquamarine, Blue Sapphire, Turquoise, Blue Quartz, Angelite, Apatite, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite acting upon the balance of the Chakra. The Throat Chakra is tied to the Ether element and the herbs Sage, Chamomile, Basil and Vervain. Although technically a spice, Cloves are also tied to the Throat Chakra.

Anahata connects to our sense of smell and responds to Cypress, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Peppermint, Rosewood and sage. The Mantra connected to the Throat chakra is HUM and is sometimes chanted at the G tone during meditation. It is also vocalized as “eh”. Physically, the Throat Chakra is connected to the thyroid, neck, airway and lungs.

Tomorrow will focus on how to tell if your Vishuddha is out of balance.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just for YOU!

I love getting packages in the mail! I totally get the excitement and anticipation of waiting for an online order to arrive! That's why all of the jewelry featured in my Etsy shop is ready to ship so my patrons can get their items as quickly as possible.

Sometimes a customer needs something customized. A recent patron needed her bracelets in a 7" finished length. Most of my stock is 7.5" - 8". Here's the beauty of handmade...I was able to restring her bracelets to the exact length she needed for a perfect fit! (at no additional cost, I might add)

You may be thinking, "what a pain to remake something that's already done". But that's not the case at all! I love it! I love knowing that the piece I'm working on is intended to balance a specific person's chakra balancing needs. That's what customization is all about! As I'm making the piece I release the intention of Love and Light for them. Pure, unconditional love and clear, radiant light!

Perhaps all of this is wiped away when I smudge the jewelry before it's packaged...that's another post for another day...but I like to think my positive intentions stay with each piece as it makes it's way to it's intended recipient. And with that I'm releasing joy, raising the vibration and making the world an even better place!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Emotional Responsibility…What's That?

A large part of balancing Anahata is accepting responsibility for your emotions. Our emotions are a reaction to the actions of others. Others can not make us feel, rather their actions illicit our emotional response. When someone makes a statement to us we interpret their words and infer a meaning, as if we are looking through a pair of tinted glasses. When Anahata is out of balance, the tint of those glasses is influenced by our past experiences, traumas and pain. With a balanced Heart Chakra we analyze their comment without judgment and with a compassionate tint.

Eleanor Roosevelt is quotes as saying “nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I would take that a step further and state nobody can make you feel without your consent.

The power to give consent is in your hands. You can decide what to let in and how you will feel about it. I’m not suggestion we should control our emotions. We may not have control over that initial emotional reaction but we do have control over what we do with it and how we allow it to influence our response. Do we get angry? Do we allow that energy to act upon us and create an imbalance? Or do we recognize that there is something in ourselves that is causing a disruption in energy flow. We may need to release a past hurt that is causing an emotional response that does not resonate with us.

When you have negative feelings related to an event or conversation look for the lesson in those feelings. What actions will you forgive to bring balance to your Heart Chakra?

Forgiveness, that’s another post for another day.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anahata - The Balancing Act

Now that you know you want to activate and balance Anahata, the Heart Chakra, what can you do?

Meditating on Anahata, located in the center of the chest, while visualizing a spinning disc of vibrant emerald-green light is a good starting point. Focus on a smooth rotation of the disc and feel loving warmth growing in your heart. Taking time in nature to soak in the green trees and plants is especially beneficial for the Heart Chakra. Noticing the breeze against your skin and feeling the grass beneath your bare toes will not only balance Anahata but connect you to your Earth source.

Wearing a favorite piece of jewelry made of Green Aventurine, Peridot, Emerald, Green Jade, Rose Quartz or Watermelon Tourmaline will give you a focal piece to mediate on briefly throughout your day to balance energy flow on the go. Green salads seasoned with a savory marjoram and thyme dressing as well as a rose hip and lemon balm tea can also help balance Anahata. Scenting your environment with a floral potpourri including geranium, jasmine, lavender and rose or a citrus blend with mandarin, tangerine and melissa can also balance the Heart Chakra.

I love jewelry for chakra balancing because I can really take it with me. Here are two of my favorite Heart Chakra balancing pieces!

And here's an Etsy treasury that featured a few Heart Chakra balancing favorites that range from personal care items to home decor!

'For Anahata - The Heart Chakra' by AnandaBijoux

St. Patrick's Vapor, Fine Art Print, 8x12 - TheVaporTrail
Emerald Green Fused Decorative Glass Sea Coral Bowl - UneekGlassFusions
Incense Burner, Porcelain Pinch Pot With Glass - LittleHippieMama
Ease of Mind Series - MITSURIN (JUNGLE) Natural Incense Sticks - (ylang-ylang, patchouli) - naturcraft
Bliss Bar - LauriesOriginals
Herbal Tea Honeybush, Lemon Balm and Orange Peel SWIZZLE SIP caffeine-free, loose leaf:  85g / 3 oz. approx. 35 - 50 servings - bombylbee
Citrus Lavender Aromatherapy Pure Palette Signature Natural Scented  4.2 Oz Reed Diffuser Set in Emerald Green Recycle Glass Jar - PurePalette
Wine Bottle Melted Flat, Incense Burner Recycled Glass - ShopOfMiscellaneous
Ladies Large Heart Chakra Tee - Bamboo & Organic Cotton Blend - Screen printed - TheLotusRoot
Trust in True Nature Love Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil, 4 oz. - TrustinTrueNature
Hand Blown Art Glass Bowl - Freeform - Emerald Green, Apple Green, White, and Black - ParadiseArtGlass
Heart Chakra Meditation Candle 3x6in green, wicca, metaphysical, magic, pagan, Reiki by Brigid's Flame Candles - BrigidsFlameCandles
Pink Himalayan Sea Salts - Fairies Kiss - Sensual Ylang Ylang and Lavender - belleskincare
Emerald Nugget, Earth Rocks............................. For the Heart Chakra - AndyandSky
Aventurine Aromatherapy Candle - ItAndABit
Spring green glass wind chime - gallerybyharvestgold

Once again, YouTube is a great resource for frequency attunement audio to use for vibrational therapy. Sonic Harmonic provides some of my favorite attunement tracks. The video is great but the sound alone provides the frequency needed to attune your chakra. It's not music but rather tones that are tuned to the vibrational frequency of the chakra. Try this one out for Anahata:

Close your eyes and absorb the sound. Feel the resonance of the vibration in your body and imagine your vibrant green Anahata in the center of your chest, whirling freely and effortlessly clockwise. You are on your way to embracing your balanced sense of love and compassion.

Next week it's on to the Throat Chakra. I do have a surprise or two this weekend so keep an eye out! Have a relaxing and amazing weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anahata - Four Aspects of Balance

There are four aspects related to Anahata that sum up the essence of the Heart Chakra as the Air element when energy flow is balanced.

Peace - You are established in the state of non-violence where you resonate a sense of peace to those around you.
Harmony - You are established in the state of synchronicity with connections to the Universe is like a cosmic symphony.
Laughter - You are established in an acceptance of paradox where your connection to the Universe is felt.
Love - You are established in the state of Unity consciousness where it is impossible to hurt or be hurt.

When Anahata is in balance and the energy flow is optimized, each of these states will resonate with you. You will feel calm and at peace with yourself in the world. You will feel connected to others and all beings in the physical plane. You will experience the humor of the Universe in the absurd connections all around you. And you will feel compassion for others and yourself.

Now that we know where we want to be, what can we do to get there? Tomorrow’s post will focus on what you can do to activate and balance your Manipura to improve your connection to your personal power and sense of purpose.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anahata - What's Flowing?

Anahata, the Heart Chakra, located in the center of the chest is the source of love and compassion. It represents the Air element and brings us harmony and the ability to give and receive unconditional love. It is said to be the great integrator of opposites in the psyche: mind and body, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity.

Ideally, this chakra brings us warmth, forgiveness, healing and selflessness. A healthy Anahata allows us to love deeply, feel compassion and have a deep sense of peace and centeredness. As the root of compassion and understanding it allows for healing and personal transformation. I initially wondered how this could be…compassion and understanding are for others, right? I learned that compassion and understanding are not only to be given to others but also to be given to ourselves. Before we can truly heal and change our vibrations we must let go of regrets and past indiscretions. For that we must find compassion in our hearts for ourselves for true forgiveness.

Anahata is the one chakra that is often too active, too open to influence from surrounding energy. Do you ever feel as though you give too much to others will being taken advantage of? This can indicate an over active Heart Chakra that is too open…yes, too open! An imbalance in Anahata can leave you susceptible to energy drains from outside sources. You may feel the need to give more of yourself than is healthy. Remember the common analogy of the oxygen masks that fall from above in an air plane emergency…always attach yours before helping others with theirs? You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

A closed Heart Chakra can result in emotional disconnection from others. You may feel closed off, like you can’t relate with others on an emotional level. Perhaps you judge others and have difficulty accepting their differing opinion or actions contrary to what you deem appropraite. You may have a difficult time forgiving someone who has wronged you, which may develop into a full-blown grudge. Carrying this burden steals your energy away from meaningful pursuits and emotional peace.

Physically, Anahata governs the thymus gland, the heart, the blood and the circulatory, immune and endocrine systems. High blood pressure is a key indicator in a disruption in the Heart Chakra. Medical research shows that high blood pressure is often related directly to pent up stress, anger and frustration. Balancing Anahata improves heart health by releasing not only the mental strain related to these issues but also the stresses related to past traumas and emotional pain.

Balancing Anahata will allow the energy of love and compassion to flow in and out of your heart resulting in well placed trust in others and the ability to give and receive unconditional love.

Tomorrow I’ll touch on what optimized Anahata energy flow feels like.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Anahata - The Heart Chakra

Anahata is the Heart Chakra or the 4th Chakra located in the center of the chest. It is associated with unconditional love, harmony, healing, personal transformation, warmth, sharing and devotion. It is said to be the source of forgiveness, compassion, understanding and selflessness. In one word, the Heart Chakra is about compassion. The verb attached to Anahata is ‘love’, as in “I Love.”

Green and pink are the color vibration related to the Heart Chakra with Emerald, Green Jade, Rhodonite, Green Aventurine, Peridot, RoseQuartz, Ruby, Kunzite and Watermelon Tourmaline acting upon the balance of the Chakra. The Heart Chakra is tied to the Air element and the herbs Saffron, Rue and Marjoram.

Anahata is connected to our sense of smell and responds to Marjoram, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavendar, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Citrus aromas. The Mantra connected to the Heart chakra is YUM and is sometimes chanted at the F tone during meditation. It is also vocalized as “ah”. Physically, the Heart Chakra is connected to the circulatory and immune systems, the heart and skin.

Tomorrow will focus on how to tell if your Anahata is out of balance.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lilacs and Mom

Flocked Vintage Postcard
courtesy OldBarnDoor on Etsy
It's beautiful today, sunny and 70 couldn't ask for a more lovely Mother's Day! I love a fresh breeze through the house so naturally we have all of the windows open. As I passed by the kitchen window I smelled a waft of lilac on the breeze. It amazes me how an aroma can transport me so instantly back in time to my childhood. Growing up we had two big common lilac shrubs in the front yard. I always loved the smell of the flowers and remember butchering those shrubs as I cut flowers to take to my mom...thank goodness lilacs are very forgiving of a little girl with scissors!  I would drag branches of flowers into the house, ants and all and give them to my mom. She never complained about the bugs and would lovingly put my bouquet into a vase.

So on this Mother's Day as I smell those sweet lilacs I think of how patiently my mom tried to teach me to sew and embroider...I, on the other hand, never had the patience for either! She taught me to cook and about perennials and herbs. As a child I was never a nature lover but in my adult life my mom's love of nature she shared with me shines through.

She remains a shining light in my life and I love her beyond words. Thank you, Mom...for your patience, compassion and love.

Mom on her wedding day!