Monday, April 16, 2012

Round and Round

Chakra Magnets from AnandaBijoux

Sorry if that '80's hair band song is stuck in your head the rest of the day. It is a catchy tune and I bet it got your attention!

This week I want to explore Chakras and how to know if they are in balance and Prana is flowing. We know from the ‘Chakras Explained’ page that each of the seven main Chakras correlates to different parts of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states and that Prana is the vital, life-giving energy. These wheel-like rotating vortices of subtle matter are considered focal points for the reception and transmission of energies located in the human energy field and into the physical body itself. In elementary terms, each Chakra can be seen in the subtle body as a disc of light spinning clockwise. Energy flows through each Chakra and if a particular energy center is not balanced, the energy flow is disrupted and the wheel’s rotation is also disrupted.

This disruption will manifest physically as illness, mentally as confusion, emotionally as anxiety and spiritually as disconnection. In all aspects the disruption of Prana (vital energy flow) leads to a lack of ease, or dis-ease. Dis-ease is not merely impairment of normal physiological function but rather the absence or disruption of tranquil rest, comfort and quiet state of mind.

Each Chakra rotates at a different speed resulting in different frequencies of vibration. Because everything in our Universe emits vibrations, these frequencies relate to every aspect of our physical sensory system. Our eyes see the different colors associated with the different vibrations. We smell different scents and hear different sounds. When the energy flow is disrupted the vibrations emitted are off. It stands to reason that changing the vibrations with color, scents and sounds can alter the flow of energy.

My next post will focus on how to identify which chakra may be out of balance. ~Namaste