Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Than One Way

In Wednesday's Post I talked about meditation and its chakra balancing benefits. In that same post I mentioned other methods for balancing chakra energy including crystals and gemstones, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and acoustic and vibrational therapy. All of these techniques use vibration frequencies to activate or calm the chakra rotation to dispel the energy disruption and balance the flow. All of these techniques can be used as part of the meditation experience or in your everyday life to consistently act upon your chakra energy.

Crystals and gemstones are solids formed by the solidification of chemicals with regular, repeating internal arrangements of atoms and molecules. Crystals and gemstones, like everything in the Universe, emit a vibration with a specific frequency. The frequencies of these formations can be aligned with the desired frequency for a specific chakra. When a chakra is experiencing a disturbance in vibration the use of crystals and gemstones can influence and realign the chakra’s movement.
Red Aventurine for the
Sacral Chakra
Sodolite & Moonstone for
Crown & Brow Chakras
In Tuesday's Post I mentioned the body-mind connection, the understanding that what we feel and think has a direct impact on our physical well-being. So, even if crystals and gemstones don’t heal you physically, if they have an impact on your mental and emotional well-being that will directly affect your physical health. Even the skeptics agree that crystals and gemstones can be effective for emotional and psychological uses…after all, if we believe it in our heart and mind it becomes our reality.

Likewise, color, sound and aroma have long been recognized as affecting our moods. Scientific data supports the hypothesis that the information our eyes, ears and nose take in have an associative impact on our brain activity. Certain colors, sounds and smells cause certain chemical responses on physical and psychological levels. This elicits an emotional response based upon past experiences and associations with pleasure and pain.

It stands to reason that surrounding yourself with pleasing colors, sounds and aromas will make you feel more at peace and comfortable. You can take this a step further. If we understand which chakras are experiencing energy flow disruptions we can tailor our surroundings to help balance those chakras. 

How do we do this? We recognize the correlation between the frequencies emitted by different colors, sounds and smells with the ideal vibrations of our chakras. Then we immerse ourselves in those colors, sounds and fragrances. It may be as simple as choosing the right piece of jewelry or as drastic as repainting a room. You may decide to discover some new music for your commute. Maybe you change your fabric softener or use an essential oil diffuser in your office.

My favorite on-the-go method for balancing my chakras is with gemstone jewelry. Jewelry can worn to balance a specific chakra or to act upon several simultaneously to invite specific results into your life. It's a fashionable way to support your energy flow no matter where you are or what your doing!

Lam Root Chakra Necklace
Aditi necklace for
Prosperity & Abundance
So many choices...which will you try?