Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It All Ties Together

Ahankara invites Confidence & Self-Esteem
Now that we know what Chakras are and a bit about how they function, let’s talk about how to know if they are out of balance. We know our Chakras motion is detected by the frequencies at which they spin. Clearly, if the frequencies are off, the Chakras aren’t spinning correctly, which indicates they are out of balance and the Prana flow is disrupted. But what does that look like and feel like?

Although these energy disruptions are commonly referred to as a ‘block’, there are a number of issues that may cause the difficulties. It may be that the chakra is spinning too slowly, too quickly or in the wrong direction entirely. Determining which chakra is blocked is the first step. To do this it important to understand what parts of the physiology is tied to each chakra. This will be discussed in future entries as we explore each chakra in detail.

For the purpose of this discussion we simply need to understand that each chakra is tied to specific parts of our physical body and certain organs as well as to psychological and emotional aspects of our being. If a chakra is out of alignment and the energy flow is disrupted, symptoms will manifest in the physical body, emotional and mental states. By taking a candid inventory of our body and mind we can begin to identify where energy blocks may be occurring.

In her book, The 7 Healing Chakras, Dr. Brenda Davies includes a comprehensive diagnostic questionnaire to help determine which chakras might be disrupted. Her book is one of my favorite go-to guides for chakra healing and I highly recommend it to anyone embarking upon a journey of discovery and learning about energy medicine.

Now it’s time to be honest with yourself…brutally honest, especially about the emotional stuff going on in your heart and the intellectual stuff going on in your head. Mind, body and spirit are all tied together. What you are feeling emotionally can manifest in your physical being. Have you ever heard the phrase “worried sick”…it’s true. Your emotions manifest directly into your physical being and your thoughts influence your emotions. See, all tied together!

In the coming weeks we’ll focus on each chakra in detail for more insight into identifying where energy disturbances may be. Once you figure out which chakra is out of balance, it’s time to take steps to activate, calm and balance as the need may be.

Next, we’ll look at all of the different ways to balance our chakras. ~Namaste