Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guided Chakra Meditations

In response to the feedback and questions I've received about Guided Chakra Meditations I wanted to dedicate a quick post to some resources.

I mentioned Colette Baron-Reid’s ‘Journey Through The Chakras’ guided meditation in my earlier post. You can sample her guided meditation at her website on the little player just below the item listing. It truly is one of my favorites.

I also wanted to share some other resources with you for guided chakra meditations. YouTube is a great resource for sound therapy and guided meditations. Search for Guided Chakra Meditation and you'll find so many options, it's amazing! You can try them out then pick and choose which you prefer. What did we do before the internet?

TotalMindMassage shares a number of meditations on their website. I assembled their three part Guided Chakra Meditation into a playlist I want to share with you. Thanks to TotalMindMassage for freely sharing their fantastic meditations!

I hope this meditation can inspire you to explore more and find the method of meditation that resonates with you.